Venture Companies


AllSeeing Corp.

AllSeeing is a pre-seed radio technology start-up employing the radio spectrum to unveil the hidden in space, defence and life-science.

Become Health

Become Health

Become Health is a health technology company that specializes in evidence-based prevention, assessment and management of mental health disorders to help people and organizations to achieve their full potential.

Conlis Global@0.25x

Conlis Global Inc.

Conlis Global Inc. is a Canadian company that aims to revolutionize regenerative medical solutions for bone, cartilage, skin, and liver. Its transformative innovations have the potential to reshape contemporary transplantation and surgical practices, setting new standards of excellence.


Crocus Biomedical

Crocus Biomedical is a University of Calgary-based startup that has developed a blood and tumour tissue-based molecular test for physicians to identify individuals at high risk of bone metastasis.

Heros Biotech

Heros Biotech

Heros Biotech is developing the most advanced and accessible early cancer detection test for companion animals.

Naiad Lab

Naiad Lab Inc.

Naiad Lab uses AI & Deep learning-based solutions to automate medical data analysis for faster diagnoses and expedite ECG database analysis, aiding early detectiaon and CVD prediction. Naiad currently provides the solution in the form of cloud-based APIs aiming at ECG clinics, and insurance companies. 



LitLife harnesses AI to redefine wellness journeys- addressing the barrier of personalized fitness and nutrition guidance by offering an AI-powered trainer, Chiron. Chiron provides personalized workout and dietary plans while ensuring proper form during exercises, using real-time data and machine learning.


Sonance AI

Sonance will bring ultrasound to family medicine clinics by using AI to facilitate image acquisition and interpretation. Sonance AI will be a US AI platform, allowing family medicine clinics to provide better and cheaper care to their patients.

Trigger Tracker

Trigger Tracker Technologies Inc.

Trigger Tracker is a smart food diary app that detects a user’s trigger foods with just a photo of their meal. They also correlate a user’s diet to their symptoms to detect new allergens that should be avoided.

Qubit Sense Inc.

Expedite drug discovery and creation using quantum computing.



Patrick van Gelder

Director of Marketing, Bioventus

Patrick van Gelder is the Director of Marketing, International Markets at Bioventus. He is a results-oriented professional with decades of experience in business transformation, turnarounds and start-ups in medical technology, vaccine, and pharmaceutical businesses. In addition, Pat possesses extensive expertise in sales, marketing, finance, government relations, and global operations in Canada, the USA and the European Union. He is a University of Alberta alumni with a Bachelor of Education in History and Biology.

“The most exciting aspect of API’s Life Sciences Venture Coaching Program for me is to be able to share my experiences and insights to support the growth of organizations and individuals in the sector. I have been blessed with the guidance of some incredible mentors throughout my career and having opportunities to engage with aspiring individuals and companies is my way to pay it forward.”


Jalil Hakimi

Global Product Manager, Sartorious Stedim Biotech

Jalil Hakimi is a visionary biotech and pharmaceutical professional with more than 20 years of experience in research and development for Sanofi Pasteur, establishing and managing the core facilities for the Sunnybrook Research Institute, and the University Hospital Network. 

Currently, he is the Global Product Manager for Sartorius Stedim Biotech and a board member of the QCare Health Group. Jalil is passionate about next-generation medicine, advanced therapies, and cell immunotherapy, and has been recognized for his distinctive mentoring and coaching skills. He holds an Undergraduate Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences from the Babol University of Medical Sciences, a Postgraduate Degree in Biotechnology from the University of Toronto, and an Executive MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University.

“Helping organizations to establish, grow and succeed is my passion. I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with companies at the early stage of their development and to help them navigate through the various hurdles that they will encounter. API’s Life Sciences Venture Coaching program is a great vehicle to help startups manage the bumps in the road that lies ahead.”


Brian Lewis

Director of Industry and Investment Relations, EXCITE International

Brian Lewis is the former President and CEO of Medtech Canada and Country General Manager, Sanofi Genzyme. His passion is helping medical technology innovators succeed in the quest for fast, efficient, cost-effective adoption of innovations, and maximization of financial performance. Currently, he is the President of Brian Lewis and Associates Inc. and also the Director of Industry and Investor Relations at EXCITE International, a not-for-profit focused on de-risking investment of breakthrough technologies and accelerating the global adoption of non-drug health technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph and a Bachelor of Business Administration from York University.

“Throughout my career, I have been a strong advocate for innovation and commercialization of products that have a real impact on patients, whether it was through my work at an industry association or at a biotech company involved in treating rare diseases. Participating in API’s Life Sciences Venture Coaching program is an opportunity to support the people and organizations with dreams of making a difference in the life sciences.”


Elodie Martin

Digital Transformation Leader

Elodie Martin is a Digital Transformation and Omnichannel Engagement Consultant. She is an experienced pharma professional in digital transformation strategy with a proven track record of successfully leading complex projects and driving change in a highly regulated environment. Her experience in regulatory and medical affairs ensures that regulatory constraints and compliance considerations are always on their radar. Elodie has over a decade of experience in regulatory affairs, business planning and strategy in Pharmascience, Sanofi, Hospira, and more. She holds a Bachelors of Biology from McGill University and a Masters in Molecular Biology from Université de Montréal.

“I am passionate about the impact of digital technology in all forms and its potential applications in the life sciences sector. I am looking forward to meeting the various companies in the API Life Sciences Venture Coaching program, and to provide any kind of advice and assistance to help start-up companies succeed.”


Nicolas Petit

Biotech Executive

Nicolas Petit is a biotech executive with 15+ years’ experience in pharma, vaccines, and biotech with a focus on commercial operations, corporate development and external affairs. Until recently, he was the Vice President, Commercial Operations at Medicago. He spent a decade at Sanofi in Commercial Operations and Business Development positions across five different countries. He is also the Director at BioQuebec since 2021. He holds a Master degree in Agronomy and Life Sciences from ENSAIA School in France, and an Advanced Master Degree in International Management from ESSEC Business School.

“Our ability to innovate and move from startup to commercialization is key to build a strong Canadian Life Sciences Ecosystem. Coaching a startup is a way to contribute to this mission while discovering new technologies, partnering with a highly motivated team, and ultimately improving healthcare and patients’ outcomes.”


Solomon Ssenyange, PhD

CEO, RedNOX Inc.

Solomon Ssenyange, PhD is an experienced serial entrepreneur. He is the former CEO of Spirosure Inc., co-founder and former CEO of Single Helix Genomics and Silvertip Medical, Inc., and is the current co-founder of RedNOx, Inc. Solomon developed a sensor that can diagnose asthma and COPD via a nitric oxide biomarker in exhaled breath at Spirosure, a diagnostics startup which was later acquired. He is using the same technology for his current venture RedNox Inc., where he is building sensors for emission detection. He holds a Bachelor of Sciences from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from University of Alberta.

“I had such great experience attending the University of Alberta and living in Edmonton for several years. I would like to see the life sciences ecosystem in Alberta thrive and through the API Venture Coaching program, I’ll serve as a coach for start-ups as a serial entrepreneur with a successful exit. There are a lot of real-world experiences to share with future and current budding entrepreneurs in the hardware and medical technology space.”