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Upgrade your skills and elevate your career with our training courses.

Whether you are a post-secondary student, new researcher, or a working professional in the field, training is a critical part of your ongoing life sciences career development. 

To mitigate the high-cost and limited availability of training resources, Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (API) has partnered with BioTalent Canada and the Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL). These partnerships allow us to extend their training and professional development courses to individuals and businesses looking to equip talent with industry-specific needs, such as the application of basic knowledge and laboratory fundamentals relating to everything from clinical trial research to drug manufacturing.

If you are a student looking for on-demand skills training in the life sciences sector, or a business employee looking to gain valuable skills in the biotechnology and life sciences industry, these courses will be beneficial to you.


From general skills to technical competencies, API’s training library has a range of courses available to you. Explore them here:


BioTalent Canada Online Fundamentals

According to BioTalent Canada research, employers suggest that skills shortage remains a barrier in accessing industry-ready professionals in the bio-economy work force. Through our partnership, API is able to offer free access to their Online Fundamentals Training Courses – both general and technical courses that will earn biotech professionals that BioReadyTM edge!

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The following courses are available in both English and French:

This course includes:

  • Introduction to the bio-economy
  • Reading Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy
  • Writing Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy
  • Numeracy Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy
  • Document Use Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy
  • Communication Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy
  • Collaboration Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy
  • Problem Solving Skills Fundamentals for the bio-economy

Learn more here.

This course includes:

  • Scientific Report Writing Fundamentals

     – This is a prerequisite course for the GLP, GMP, QA/QC               and GCP courses

  • Good Laboratory Practice Fundamentals
  • Good Manufacturing Fundamentals
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Fundamentals
  • Good Clinical Practice Fundamentals

Learn more here.

These valuable training and skills development programs will help you learn the necessary skills employers are looking for when hiring life sciences industry professionals and will jumpstart exciting careers for biotech talent.

About our partner

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BioTalent Canada is dedicated to supporting individuals who drive groundbreaking scientific advancements. With a focus on capitalizing industry knowledge, addressing the gap between job-ready talents and businesses, and supporting the sustainability of the sector, BioTalent Canada provides resources from evidence-based data and industry-driven standards to guide stakeholders in the bio-economy.

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CASTL Online Academy

Professional development is a significant catalyst to boost potential and open more exciting opportunities for your career. API’s partnership with CASTL offers access to the CASTL Online Academy biomanufacturing-focused training designed to assist career development in biomanufacturing and give you a competitive edge!

The program provides interactive and cost-effective online career development courses on all aspects of biomanufacturing, including:

  • Facility Design And Utility

  • Cell and Gene Therapy

  • Formulation, Fill Finish, and Aseptic Processing

  • Downstream Processing

  • Upstream Processing

  • Process Design

  • Process Validation

Learn more about the CASTL Online Academy courses here.

If you’re looking to elevate your career and professional skills in biomanufacturing and associated industries, these courses are for you!

About our partner

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The Canadian Alliance for Skills and Training in Life Sciences (CASTL) offers top-notch technical skills development and training in the field of life sciences, with a specific focus on biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This initiative is driven by the collaboration between academia, industry, and government, working together to meet the future skills requirements of the rapidly expanding bioscience sector.

Stay tuned for more training & courses from API!

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